• The GHOST is the boat for the person who needs a little extra stability but doesn't want to compromise on speed. The GHOST is almost identical to the phantom but has been widened by 60mm to give extra stability. The GHOST still has all the great characteristics as the Phantom.
  • The Ghost has been designed with speed in mind.
  • The Ghost is suitable for paddlers 65kg plus and is well at home with 100kg plus paddlers.
  • The Ghost has an elevated cockpit for easy entry and exit.
  • The Ghost has a high cockpit to deflect waves away and not into your eyes, allowing you to slice through waves with ease and see where you're going.
  • Streamline front to carve up the opposition.
  • Narrow through the catch area allowing you to get your paddle in nice and close for a more efficient catch.
  • Large Rocker allows the Ghost to ride the big waves and not take a backward step. The Ghost has a large turn up at the nose to prevent boil grab and allows it to ride up on top of the boils/eddy's and carry on in its desired direction
  • Recessed at the rear of the Ghost to allow the rudder to be nice and close to reduce drag.
  • High Cockpit to deflect waves.
  • Large turn up nose.
  • Stats 6.3 Meters long, 455 Millimeters wide, 12kg - 13kg (standard) Coaming width 400 Millimeters.
  • Seat Options- Hanging seat bolted to coaming This seat has a rounded back edge to eliminate those bad seat rubs and scalloped in the bottom in just the right places to take that pressure of those aching bum bones.
  • Bumfortable Seat Molded foam seat, good comfort and very warm. Wide or narrow option available. Additional $50.00



  • STANDARD GHOST CONSTRUCTION: Carbon Fiber,Kevlar, Firbre Glass *Colour Options: White Hull with option of 1 or 2 colour deck NZ$4000
  • ELITE GHOST CONSTRUCTION: Full Carbon & kevlar Construction *Any Colour Option *Personal Graphics - extra cost applies NZ$4300

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